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Getting Married in Thailand

Getting Married in ThailandIf you are planning on getting married in Thailand then there are a number of options for you in Thailand. Gay marriage is not allowed in Thailand however many companies do perform wedding ceremonies even if they are not legally binding. You can register you marriage in Thailand as a foreigner marrying another foreigner or getting married to a Thai national.

There are a number of further options such as having a Muslim marriage in Thailand and registering this marriage in Thailand. The process requires additional steps with marriage registration however you can view the topic on Muslim marriage registration in Thailand for more information.

Getting Married in Thailand

You can also have a Christian wedding in Thailand or a Baptist wedding each with its own procedures in Thailand which we have written about (See: Christian Weddings and also Islamic Weddings in Thailand.)

Being a tropical paradise Thailand also offers many options with regard to locations. You can get married on the beach or even in a small temple or church. Samui weddings and also Phuket weddings on the beach have become very popular in Thailand with not only locals but also expats and foreigners who wish to get married in a tropical setting. See the listing above for more ideas about wedding locations in Thailand and what each one offers.

Note that you will need to register your marriage in Thailand to make it a valid marriage. Traditional Thai marriages or village weddings as they are called are not legally binding. You cannot use this type of wedding ceremony to apply for a marriage visa or spouse visa for the US if it has not been legally registered in Thailand with the local District Office (See: Marriage registration in Thailand) for more details. Muslim weddings are performed and once the traditional ceremony has been completed you can register this wedding as well in Thailand. If you are from the Middle East then your Embassy has its own procedures for documents before and after the wedding. Check with them or an attorney first if you are a foreigner and a Muslim getting married in Thailand. The process can be complicated if one of the parties are a non-Muslim.

Also note that getting married in Thailand does not give you the right to live or work in Thailand. You will still need a marriage visa renewed each year and they have their own procedures and requirements (See: Marriage Visa). If you are going to be working in Thailand then also check that you have a work permit for Thailand as it is still illegal for you to work in Thailand even though you are married to a Thai national.

You can protect yourself and your assets while in Thailand with a prenuptial agreement or by registering a usufruct or superficies however you will need to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand about the process. If you have any question then search this website for more details or check the links for relevant information and guidance.