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Prenuptial agreements and family law in Thailand is complex as the laws differ from those in the West. You are going to need a lawyer in Thailand as the prenup has to be drafted to be valid in Thailand as well as valid in your own home country. This can be even more difficult when you are an American as the laws differ slightly from State to State.

Before you get married in Thailand you should contact GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok for assistance. Prenuptial agreements in Europe will also need to comply with EU laws as well as Thai laws. You can see the list of countries and issues listed on this website. This is the advantage of using an expatriate law firm in Thailand when drafting your prenuptial agreement. Speak to those at GAM Legal Alliance as this will be your best choice.  Start by sending them an email. Its costs nothing to ask a question.

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Need more information on drafting your prenuptial agreement in Thailand? If you are getting married then consider a prenuptial agreement as the divorce laws in Europe or the West is not going to be the same as in Thailand. Take proper advice in this regards before getting married as it has to be registered together with the marriage registration.

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